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The Actor's Money Coach

Control Your Money & Live Your Dream

As a financial coach, I help you put a plan and systems in place so you no longer have to worry about money.  You become free so you can focus your efforts and energy on what you love to do

Your Coach

I've been a professional actor for over 20 years and I understand the struggle of chasing your dreams. That's why I became a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach dedicated to helping fellow actors and other creatives live their dreams and become wealthy in the process. 

Most people won’t go for their dreams because they are afraid of not being able to survive financially. That fear is the ONLY thing holding most of them back.  And for those that are brave enough to go for their dreams, many end up broke or worse. As someone that has walked the walk and continues to do so, I can help you live your dreams while becoming a lifelong economic success.

Your Coach

Where are you in your acting career?

Your Career

An Actor Prepares

Get Ready to Chase Your Dreams

A career in acting is a marathon. To survive a marathon there are some simple basic steps that must be taken. A little bit of prep work will set you up so that you’re ready to face the challenge. Let me help you take those steps and condition you for a lifelong and rewarding run.

Building a career

Staying in the Game

Acting is frequently feast or famine. One of the key ingredients to becoming a successful actor is simply being able to stay in the game. Allow me to help you put a plan in place to capitalize on the feast and survive the famine so that you can keep following your dream.

Creating a retirement

Don't Just Survive, Thrive

Money and dreams are  not mutually exclusive. You can live your dreams and retire well. That's not to say you won't continue acting, but you won't be scraping for money. You will be able to pick and chose your projects and do it for your love of acting. Let me help you get there.

Is Coaching for Me?
Can a Coach Help Me?

Can a financial coach help me?

Your past does not determine your future. Your actions in the present determine your future.   The job of a financial coach is to help you get "financially fit." As a coach, I meet you wherever you are today financially, and help you take actions that will get you to the future you want.
Consulation Details

What does a consultation look like?

Consultations are typically 40-60 minutes long and done on Skype, Zoom, Signal, or over the phone.  As covid-19 restrictions are lifted, in-person meetings will be available.  In your consultation, we will go over a number of things regarding your current situation, concerns, goals, ambitions and any questions you have for me about coaching. The purpose of the consultation is simply to determine if you need coaching and if I'm the right coach for you. Full details as to how coaching sessions are conducted and what to expect of me as your coach are explained during the consultation.
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